Their Memory Is Mistaken

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(A woman calls asking about a camera; we only have a few left, as we recently downsized our electronics department.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Store]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi. Do you guys have any cameras left?”

Me: “Sure do. Which one were you looking for?”

Customer: “I saw the [Brand #1] on your website for [price]. Do you have that one?”

Me: “Some of our cameras are online-only, but I can check for you. Also, the online prices are a little lower than the in-store prices.”

Customer: “Oh. Then can you check the price of that one, and see if there are any cheaper ones?”

Me: “Sure. Let me put you on hold and I can check for you.”

(I put the woman on hold and walk to the locked cages on the other end of the store where they have moved the remaining cameras. The one she wants is no longer available, so I grab the remaining styles we have left and price-check them.)

Me: “Hi, ma’am. Unfortunately, the one you wanted is no longer available, but I did find one from the same company with similar features, if you want that.”

Customer: “And how much is that one?”

Me: *slightly lower price*

Customer: “That comes with a board, right?”

Me: “A board?”

Customer: “Yes, a board.”

Me: “What… What exactly do you mean by ‘board,’ ma’am? I am unfamiliar with that term when it comes to cameras.”

Customer: “A BOARD! You know, that little square you put in it to save pictures!”

Me: “Oh! You mean a memory card?”

Customer: “Yes, a memory board!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but memory cards are sold separately.”

Customer: “Okay. Thank you. I’ll be there in about twenty to thirty minutes to buy the camera.” *hangs up*

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