Their Math Dozen’t Add Up

, | Working | July 1, 2013

Me: “I’d like a half dozen cheeseburgers, to go.”

Employee: “I’m sorry, but you can’t order that many at once.”

Me: “There’s a limit? Okay, how many can I order at once, then?”

Employee: “Uh, you can only order up to 20 at a time.”

Me: “That’s fine, then. I just want a half dozen.”

Employee: *rolls eyes* “Sir, you can only order 20 per visit.”

(This actually goes back and forth several times. Eventually, they go get a manager to explain it to me.)

Manager: “Sir, we have a limit of 20 cheeseburgers per order. Otherwise, the kitchen will get backed up.”

Me: “That’s great, and I don’t want to tie up the kitchen, but I only want a half dozen.”

Manager: “What do you not understand about 20?!”

Me: “What I don’t understand is how two people can get a job dealing with money and not know how many are in a dozen.”

Manager: “Oh… oh! Uhh…” *rings up 15 burgers*

Me: *poker face* “…Thank you.”

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