Their Love Is In A Class Of Its Own

| Romantic | November 12, 2012

(My boyfriend and I met in a building at university, waiting outside our opposite classrooms. Since first meeting, we’ve made it a habit to meet up outside the same class each week. I am waiting for him at my class at the end of the semester.)

Teacher: “I think [My Name] misses her boyfriend.”

Classmate #1: “Oh, my god! Yes! They’re so cute!”

Classmate #2: “I know, right? They cuddle every week before class.”

Classmate #3: “Last week they were wrapped up together in her shawl thing; did you see that?”

Class: “Aww!”

Classmate #4: “Really? I missed it. That’s so adorable.”

Me: “Oh, my god; you’ve all noticed this?!”

Teacher: “Oh, we’ve been watching your relationship play out behind your back since he asked you out.”

(When I told my boyfriend this, he confessed that his classmates had all known from the first class of the semester that he liked me. They had given him a round of applause after I gave him my number.)

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