Their Love Has Real Drive

| Romantic | August 2, 2012

(It’s early in the morning. I’m waiting for my boyfriend to come home from his night shift at work to pick me up in his car and take me to my job. I’m standing in front of the townhouse that we share together. I notice that a few of my neighbors are also out and about this morning. My boyfriend pulls up in his car, braking rather quickly in front of me.)

Boyfriend: *shouting through the open window* “Quick! Get in the car! No time to explain!”

(Playing along, I sprint over to his car and throw myself in.)

Me: “I’m in! Drive, drive, drive!”

(He drives away, and I catch our neighbors all giving us the craziest looks.)

Me: *laughs* “We are so weird. All our neighbors are going to hate us now.”

Boyfriend: “Yep. Totally worth it.”

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