Their Love For You Is Going

| Friendly | May 2, 2017

(We’re having a gathering with friends. As there are quite many of us here, there are several different conversations happening at once.)

Friend #1: *stands up* “Well, it’s been nice seeing you all, but I have to go now.”

Friend #2: *engrossed in a conversation and not paying attention to anything else* “Oh, thank god!”

Friend #1: “Good to know I’m so loved.”

Friend #2: *realises what just happened* “No! I didn’t mean you. [Friend #3] was just talking about how her son narrowly escaped from being run over. I don’t want you gone. You can stay as long as you like.”

(Thankfully, Friend #1 has a sense of humour and got that this wasn’t a deliberate diss. Friend #2 still kept apologising the entire time.)

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