Their Knowledge Is Not Rock Solid

, , | Right | July 9, 2017

(I’m in a private room with a donor at a plasma center and am making small talk with about Super Bowl half-time shows while obtaining his vitals. It should be noted: I’m 28 and a huge classic rock fan and my donor is the same age.)

Me: “You know I can’t pick a favorite show. But I thought The Who really killed it considering that it was just two of them left. But I guess it’s the purist in me.”

Donor: “Who?”

Me: “Very funny. You know, The Who.”

Donor: *blank stare* “Who?”

Me: “Are we really doing this?”

Donor: “What?”

Me: “Playing ‘Who’s on First’?”

Donor: “…”

Me: “Never mind. Come on, man, you had to have heard of The Who.” *jokingly* “That’s like not knowing who Led Zeppelin is.”

Donor: *blank stare*

Me: “The Rolling Stones?”

Donor: “…”

Me: “Pink Floyd?”

Donor: “Isn’t that a song or something.”

Me: “Get out.”

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