Their Hearing Is A Treat

| Related | January 6, 2016

(I’m about eleven, and my sister about eight. I am a quiet kid, and have a reputation in the family for being very perceptive, so generally my parents won’t even hint at treats if I’m nearby in order to avoid ruining the surprise. We’re eating tea and I go into the kitchen to get a drink, so my parents whisper to each other about the arrangements for us being babysat while they go out. In the kitchen, my spidey-sense starts tingling and I poke my head around the door.)

Me: “WE’RE HAVING IRN BRU—” *a Scottish soda drink allegedly made from girders* “—AND CHOCOLATE TONIGHT?!”

Mum: “How did you hear that? It’s meant to be a secret!”

Sister: “…How did you hear that? I didn’t hear it and I’m sitting right next to them…”

(After that they wouldn’t discuss things they wanted to keep a secret if I was even in the house.)

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