Their Go-To Response About The Go-Back Rack

, , , , | Right | May 22, 2020

In our fitting room, like many other retail locations, as guests exit, they are encouraged to hand us their rejected clothing so we can process it and add it to a rack of go-backs. I don’t know why many people expect this rack to contain anything other than what’s already out on the floor, but I am constantly trying to gently encourage people away from it, especially since it’s not even readily accessible; it’s literally in associate space.

A customer is rifling through the already precariously full go-back rack. Some things are already flung over it due to being folds. I approach them cheerfully.

Me: “Hey there! Are you looking for anything specific?”

Customer: “Nope, just seeing if I missed anything!”

Me: “Just so you know, this rack is a rack of go-backs guests have just tried on. Everything here is already placed throughout the store, and in much more pristine condition! I can definitely help you find something you like, if you want!”

The customer literally shoves past me to the rack of sale go-backs, which are even further into associates-only space.

Customer: “Nope, I’m fine! Oh, there was a sale top. Another girl grabbed it. Is it here?”

We try to find it and eventually conclude it must still be in a room. She leaves and I start straightening up the disaster she made. Seconds later, another customer comes in and starts yelling.

Customer #2: “My sister was just in here and you made her feel very unwelcome and condescended to! You have a very mean tone and we do not like you! Frankly, we find you very racist!” 

Me: *Startled* “Excuse me?”

Always remember: there are untold goodies on the go-back rack… even though everything on it is straight off the floor.

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