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Their Example Went Up In Vapors

, , , , | Learning | August 10, 2021

I was in my sophomore year of high school when vaping really started to kick off into becoming a more “mainstream” thing. Once people started doing it at school, administration decided to bring in some guest speakers to try and curb the issue. Those guest speakers ended up being two uniformed police officers and a guy in handcuffs.

The officers gave the typical “vaping is bad for your health” presentation before letting the handcuffed man speak. He proceeded to tell us about how he had gotten a hold of some knockoff vape juice packs. Apparently, he had then sold some to someone our age who ended up dying from them since they were contaminated, and he had been among those arrested for the whole situation. He also told us his full name.

Almost immediately after the talk, some younger students looked the guy up, and do you know what they found? The handcuffed man was also a police officer! The fact that the sob story they used to try and scare us was completely fabricated spread quickly and immediately turned the entire talk into a laughing stock amongst students and teachers alike. Apparently, administration wasn’t in on this little scheme either and they were livid, although I’m not sure if anything ever came out of it from them.