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Their Dine And Dash Hopes Were Dashed, Part 3

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I am a bartender and server in a popular corporate bar and restaurant. A guy and his girlfriend are rude the entire time I serve them. Initially, they won’t make eye contact, and they interrupt my greeting them by ordering two margaritas.

They take up my table for two hours and order a ton of food, drinks, and dessert, all the while treating me like garbage — eye-rolling, scoffing, generally being aggressive, sending back an appetizer, etc. I drop off their check hoping they’ll f*** off as soon as possible, and I honestly don’t care if they tip; I certainly don’t expect them to.

I am bussing another table and go back to the kitchen, and I come back out to discover that they wrote “bad service” on the check, drew a penis on it, and then walked out without paying.

I discover this about three minutes after they exit the building. By this time, it’s twenty minutes to closing, I have no other tables…and to my absolute pleasure, that d****ebag has left his keys and cell phone in the booth.

I grab my manager, and we sit in the booth behind the one they’ve just left, knowing they’ll either call or have to come back in very shortly. Sure enough, they call. My manager answers and politely and enthusiastically tells them to come right in.

When they do, I sit there holding the keys and cell phone along with the unpaid check (and the penis on it) with a huge smile on my face, while my manager demands payment for their $129 tab.

Their Dine And Dash Hopes Were Dashed, Part 2
Their Dine And Dash Hopes Were Dashed

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