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Their Dialogue Is In Homie-ostasis

, , , , | Right | April 16, 2020

I go to the movies with a friend of mine and we stand in line to buy some food. As the cashier rings my friend up, she realizes she doesn’t have enough money, so I intervene.

Me: “Yo, dude, just put it all with my stuff. We’ll pay together.”

Mortified at my use of slang, I apologize.

Me: “I’m so sorry. I totally didn’t mean to say that.”

Cashier: “That’s all right, homegirl. Will that be cash or debit?”

Me: “Debit, bro.”

Cashier: “You want your receipt, homie?”

Me: “Naw, dog, you can keep it. Thanks.”

My interaction with the cashier was probably more entertaining than the movie ended up being.

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