Their Cup Runneth Over With Complaint, Part 2

, , , | Right | August 19, 2020

I’m one of the new owners of a small franchise fast food restaurant. A customer comes through with his girlfriend and a friend, and they order three entrees. They come up to the register where I’m working.

Me: “Would you like to combo your meals with drinks?”

Customer’s Friend: “Yeah, I want a drink.”

Customer: *Shouts to his girlfriend* “Hey, babe, want to share a drink?”

Me: “Sir, these are in-restaurant fountain drinks with free refills; they’re one-to-a-customer.”

Well, they’re having none of that!

Customer: “It’s unbelievable that we have to each pay for our own drink!”

Me: “It’s just like a buffet; one customer, one purchase.”

They confirmed it with the shift manager — I am infrequently in store, and so I was dressed like a regular employee. They grumbled and paid. 

The shift manager was doing table touches and they tied them up for another ten minutes complaining about this. They asked for the owner’s information to complain and the manager pointed out that they’d already complained to the owners, as the manager and I are both partners.

The one-star review on Google blew us up for making a big deal over them stealing drinks and they swore they’d never come back. Good riddance.

Their Cup Runneth Over With Complaint

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