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Their Complaining Cup Runneth Over

, , , , | Right | September 11, 2018

(I work on the cash register with three baristas currently on the coffee machines. Our sanitizer (where we put the dishes in) is broken, so we can’t serve eat-in cups and plates. A sign is put out so customers know that all orders are in takeaway cups. One elderly man comes forward with an order filled out, waiting for a small latte. He is served the small latte, and comes back saying he wants it in a standard cup, then saying he wants it in an eat-in cup.)

Customer: “I want it in this cup.” *points to the cups on the top of the coffee machine*

Barista #1: “We aren’t serving in mugs today, as the sanitizer/dishwasher is broken.”

Me: *points to sign in front of him* “We can serve in a takeaway cup.”

(The elderly customer grumbles, takes it, and goes to wait in the dining room. Once the coffee order is done, I take it to him since he’s waiting.)

Me: “Here you go, sir. I hope you have a very good morning!:

Elder Customer: “No, I do not want it in a paper cup! I want it in a china cup; I do not like paper cups.”

Me: “I am sorry, but we are unable to do it today, as the sanitizer is broken.”

(As I am rather new to the cafe and haven’t dealt with this type of customer, I am unsure what the problem is.)

Customer: “I don’t want it in a paper cup! I need it in an eat-in cup, Can you not understand that!?”

Me: “I know, sir, but this is what we can serve, until we get the machine working again to properly clean the cups.”

Customer: “I don’t want it then!” *gives me a look, like I am some sort of child*

(I walk back into the cafe to the three baristas, and tell them what the customer said.)

Barista #1: “Are you kidding me! It’s the third one! They don’t seem to understand we can only serve in paper cups today.”

Barista #2: “I’ve had enough; I am telling the manager!”

(The manager on duty placed another sign outside to tell people. Apparently the idea of drinking from a paper cup shocked the little perfect coffee world they live in.)

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