Their Common Sense Is In The Middle Of Nowhere

| Working | May 22, 2017

A few weeks ago, I had a meeting at an industrial area that had only one road in or out. By late afternoon, it would be jammed with people going home. I didn’t know that and thought I could book a cab (this was before Uber) using the cab company’s app. I had to use the app to drop a pin on my location on the map because my meeting was on a construction site and there was no address at that time. No cabs were available and I had no choice but to call the cab company.

I explained that I am at this particular street, and need a cab to pick me up. The operator said that I needed a house or block number. I replied that, along that entire road, there is only one construction site, where I am, and there are no other buildings or construction sites. The operator insisted on a unit number, otherwise, a cab cannot be sent to my location. I repeated that there was absolutely nothing along the road, except for the site where I was at. In the end, I had to walk 15 minutes to the nearest building and call the operator again.

When I complained about this incident to a cab driver recently, the driver told me that I should have just made up a unit number. If the driver cannot find the unit, he would have to call me; this will be easier than trying to convince the operator who sits in a call centre and doesn’t know anything that I am in the middle of nowhere and need a pick up.

The things I can learn while talking to cab drivers…

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