Their Coffee Went Up In Smoke

, , , , , | Right | December 2, 2020

We are a table of more than ten — half kids, half adults — on the restaurant’s terrace. The table next to us, all relatively young adults, keep smoking (which is allowed) and sending their smoke to us, and especially to the kids (which is not nice, but also not illegal), even after we ask twice of them to be more careful.

They leave before us, after having made a mess of the “how shall we pay” part, according to the faces their waiter is making once they’ve left.

Fifteen minutes later, our waiter comes to us and explains that yes, some coffees are missing from our bill, but it’s because the other table made such a mess that they paid for far too many coffees. And since they had been such a bother to us, the waiters subtracted those coffees from our bill.

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