Their Brains Aren’t Fully Baked Yet

, , , , , | Right | February 22, 2019

Like most of the larger grocery stores, the one I work at has a bakery department full of fresh bread. Also like most grocery stores, the quality of our free bags is not exactly stellar, and this extends to the paper ones we package our bread in.

One night I am working as a cashier when three teenage boys start hovering at the end of my till, like they can’t decide whether or not to get in line. They only have a few items, including a baguette, so I assume they haven’t finished with their shopping. I tune them out so I can pay attention to the customer I am currently serving.

All of a sudden their voices get louder, and I turn to see that the bottom of the baguette bag has split open, and the baguette has slipped out. One of the boys picks it up, and proceeds to turn the bag around and slide the baguette back through the ripped end. Of course, it promptly falls through the other end, since it’s open. For some reason, this baffles all three of the teens, as if they expected ripping one end of the bag would magically seal up the other.

My customer and I have a hard time not laughing. We then have to convince them to go get another one to replace the damaged one, since they don’t realize that eating dirty food might not be the best of ideas.

They may be tears of laughter, but I weep for the next generation.

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