Their Brain Shut Down Along With The Power, Part 2

, , , | Right | December 16, 2020

I’ve just given my books to the cashier at the local used bookstore when the power goes out. After some mutual, “Oh, this sucks,” on both our parts, the cashier places a call to his boss, who tells him to go ahead and check out manually. So he pulls out a calculator and starts tallying up my total while I continue to browse.

There are enough windows in the building that it’s dim but not very dark inside. While I’m waiting for him to finish, three more customers wander in, and the following conversation takes place in an almost identical fashion each time.

Customer: “Hello, are you open today?”

Cashier: “Yes, we’re open. But there’s a power outage, so we can only take cash, not cards.”

Customer: “Oh… is that why it’s so dark in here?”

No, people, the store just likes to make you shop in the dark. I paid for my books and left before the power was restored, so I can only imagine how many more times the poor cashier had that same conversation before the lights came back on.

Their Brain Shut Down Along With The Power

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