Their Brain Is On Pause

, , | Right | September 15, 2020

The town the movie theatre is in has been having power failures all evening. Our backup generator has been keeping us running but had to restart twice, meaning we lost power twice for about one second each time.

Most of the customers have been understanding and patient while they wait for my manager to reset the projection machines, but as the night progresses, it looks like the projection machines just aren’t going to cooperate. My manager comes down looking incredibly stressed and tells me and my two colleagues that we need to go into the screens and explain that we cannot get the films back up and running, and that customers can get refunds and complimentary tickets at the desk. Everyone is clearly frustrated and upset at their ruined evening, but almost everyone is understanding and friendly to the staff, except one woman. 

Female Customer: “Why can’t you just put the film back on?”

Manager: “The projection machines are taking too long to reboot. They usually take a couple of minutes, but because they’ve had two large shutdowns in the past half-hour, it looks like it could take hours or not at all.”

Female Customer: “Well, I’d rather wait than get a refund, if I’m honest. I want to watch the rest of the film.”

Manager: “I’m sorry, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to watch the film at all.”

Female Customer: “I don’t understand why, though. Can’t you just press play?”

Male Customer: “Do you think that if it were that easy she’d be out here talking to idiots like you and giving refunds? Just shut up, fill out the refund form, and go home, which is what the rest of us are all trying to do.”

Female Customer: “I still don’t understand why the film won’t play.”

We eventually got through all 130 refunds and were absolutely exhausted. My manager gave us all a free drink to say thank you and we all gave her a giant hug. I still have no idea what that woman had a problem understanding!

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