Their Brain Is Made Of Cream Cheese

, , , | Right | March 4, 2020

(I work at a well-known bakery cafe. Today, I happen to be working in the drive-thru when a customer pulls up to the speaker and orders a few bagels.)

Customer: “I want cream cheese to go with the bagel.”

Me: “We either have the two-ounce or the eight-ounce tub. Since you got multiple bagels, it would be cheaper for you to get the tub rather than three separate two-ounce containers.”

Customer: “Sounds great! I’ll take the tub.”

(I read off the order to make sure everything is correct and then give her the total, which is just a little over $6.)

Customer: “I thought a bagel and cream cheese is $2.68. Why am I being charged so much?”

Me: “You ordered three bagels and a tub of cream cheese. The tub is $2.99 and each bagel is about $1.25, which brings your total to $6.74 without tax.”

Customer: “It’s cheaper to get the smaller cream cheese, then, because it says on the sign that a bagel and cream cheese is $2.68!”

Me: “Ma’am, I assure you it’s cheaper to just get the tub. The bagel is $1.25 and the two-ounce is about $1.20 each, not including tax, and since you’re getting three bagels, it would be cheaper to get the tub and pay $2.99 instead of $1.20 for three separate containers.”

Customer: “But it says a bagel and cream cheese is $2.68.”

(I explain everything once again. By this time, there is a long line forming behind her car, and our average time is growing worse, but she still doesn’t seem to understand. Finally, after wasting nearly ten minutes, she pulls forward so that the people behind her can order. I cash her out and hand her the bag.)

Customer: “I still don’t understand why I’m being charged so much. The sign says a bagel and cream cheese is $2.68.”

Me: “As I’ve explained before, it’s less to get the tub for only $2.99 rather than pay $3.60 for three two-ounce containers. You pay less and get two extra ounces.”

Customer: “I still don’t understand…”

(She finally drove away. My coworkers started laughing and we finally managed to take care of the massive line that had formed.)

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