Their Brain Is Fried

, , | Right | March 25, 2019

(I work at a grocery store deli. A customer orders a corndog from our hot case. Everything in the case is deep-fried. A few minutes later, she comes back and holds out her half-eaten corndog to me.)

Customer: “This is greasy.”

Me: “Yes, it’s fried.”

Customer: “Well, could I get something else?”

Me: “Yes, but everything in that case is fried; it’s all going to be greasy. Do you want to try a salad from our cold case instead?”

Customer: *handing me a half-eaten corndog* “Okay, can I trade this in for a salad?”

Me: *speechless*

(I don’t know if she thought I could put it back in the case and resell it with bites taken out of it.)

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