Their Behavior Has Come To Light

| Working | May 15, 2016

(A local pizza shop makes amazing food; however, their default “doneness” is several shades darker than I like, so I usually ask them to cook it lighter. This has never been a problem until the current order.)

Me: “I’d like a calzone, one medium with extra cheese, and one medium with pepperoni. And could we get those cooked light?”

Cashier: “Uh, no?”

Me: “…Excuse me?”

Cashier: “We don’t do ‘diet’ pizza.”

Me: “Oh, sorry, no! I just meant we don’t normally like the crusts as dark as you guys usually cook them, so I was just asking you to cook them less.”

Cashier: “Well, how are we supposed to do that, then, smart guy?”

Me: “By… cooking them less? Putting them in the oven for thirteen minutes instead of fifteen, or whatever the normal time is?”

Cashier: “We cook them the way we cook them. Twenty minutes.”

(At this point he hangs up on me. Knowing they only ever have one person working the phones at a time I get dressed and drive as fast as I can down to the place, making it in 10. I bypass the front of the counter completely, and see the owner is working there, who I normally talk with.)

Me: “Hey, [Owner].”

Owner: “Hey-hey, [My Name]. What can I getcha?”

Me: “I just ordered [repeats order]. Did those ask to get put in light?”

Owner: “Oh, nah, but we just put ’em in. Those are for you? I thought you always got it light?”

Me: “Yeah, your new cashier just told me ‘We cook them the way we cook them’ and hung up on me.”

Owner: “[CASHIER]!”

(The switch between happy and yelling made me jump back about a foot! Turned out that I was the third customer with a special order – something the store prided themselves on fulfilling – that the cashier had told they wouldn’t fulfill without checking with the boss that day. It was her first day, and apparently her last because I saw her walking out with her purse before I got my food!)

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