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Their Bark Is Worse Than Your Bites

, , , , | Right | September 6, 2021

I work in a pretzel shop; we make soft pretzels and soft pretzel bites. It is in a mall, so occasionally we get quite busy. I have a couple in the store and the husband tells me they want a box of bites with garlic and parmesan on them. Both he and his wife watch me make their order, and then they pay and leave.

About ten minutes later, the wife comes back and cuts in front of at least six people.

Customer: “This order is wrong.”

Me: “I’m sorry. Can you tell me how I can fix it?”

Customer: “I need plain bites; my kids don’t eat this garlic and stuff.”

Me: “I apologize, but you and the man you were with ordered a box of garlic and parmesan.”

Customer: “Why can’t you just give me plain bites?!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but could I have you wait in line to make a new order if you want plain bites? We have quite a few customers waiting.”

Customer:No! I was a customer I will wait right here!”

I am trying to finish up other orders while hoping she understands that she needs to wait.

Customer: “Why can’t you just give me three or four plain bites?”

Me: “You want three bites?”

Customer: “Yes, I will not leave until I get what my kids will eat!”

I literally put three bites — each bite is about an inch by an inch, so this is ridiculous— into a cup and handed it to her. She stomped away saying she was going to report me.

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