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Their Attitude Has Gone To The Dogs

| Working | January 13, 2014

(I am home alone when the doorbell rings. I am expecting a delivery for my dad, so I answer.)

Delivery Man: “Hey, this is pretty heavy. You sure you can get it in?”

Me: “Yeah, it’ll be fine. I’m only taking it a couple of steps.”

Delivery Man: “You sure? You’re only a little girl.”

Me: “I’m stronger than I look, and I’m not going to be taking it far anyway.”

Delivery Man: “Nah, I should bring it in myself. Don’t want you straining yourself trying to do a man’s job.”

Me: “No, really. It’s all right. I can handle it.”

Delivery Man: “I said I’ll—”

(At this point he’s cut off by a growl coming from behind me. My two big dogs have managed to open the door I shut them behind and are making their own dislike of the delivery guy extremely clear.)

Delivery Man: “Ah… yeah. You look like a strong woman. Yeah. I’ll just leave this here.”

(He high-tailed it back to his van and drove off!)

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