Their Anger Needs No Refill

, , , | Right | January 1, 2020

(I am walking to the waiting room to pick up one of my patients when I overhear the following between another patient and the administrative assistant. Background info: patients are told multiple times, by multiple providers, that they must contact their doctor seven days in advance before they run out of medication to ask for a refill. This is to ensure that they do not run out of medication before the refill can be sent out and processed.)

Patient: “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! I RAN OUT OF MY MEDICATION A WEEK AGO! You people are always messing up! I should get you fired!

Administrative Assistant: “Ma’am, I cannot help it that you ran out of medication before letting the doctor know that you needed a refill. It is your responsibility to let us know before you run out of medication. As you see on this sign–” *points to a sign taped to the glass at eye level that states the seven-day policy in simple words* “–we require seven days advance notice.”

Patient: “Well, that’s just stupid! No one reads these signs! I DON’T COME HERE TO READ!”

(I had to stop myself from chuckling and tried to remain professional as the patient stormed by me and into the elevator. She continued to yell about not coming to the center to read until the elevator doors closed and blocked out the noise.)

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