Their Amazement Doesn’t Add Up

| Working | July 21, 2017

(My husband and I grab a few donuts and drinks from a local grocery store for the road while we head out of town. We go to the register and a young woman is cashier. I know I’ve seen her during the day on school days, so I know she is older than high school age and has been there for a while, so I’m surprised by the following interaction.)

Cashier: “Your total is $8.57.”

(My husband hands her a $20 bill. She puts it in and realizes she put in $10 instead of $20 on the register, so the change reads $1.43. She grabs a pen and paper and starts writing something. I’m at the far end of the counter, so I’m not paying attention. I figure she’s writing something down about putting the wrong total in, just in case there’s confusion or something, which I understand. She turns to her coworker.)

Cashier: “Hey, they gave me twenty but I put in ten.” *she gestures to the register*

Cashier #2: *quickly looking over from her current customer* “It’s fine… Just figure it out.”

(The cashier turns back around and gets a new piece of paper to get ready to try and figure it out. I decide to speak up.)

Me: “It’s $11.43.”

Cashier: *stares at me blankly and in awe* “Did you do that on your phone?!”

Me: *trying to speak as kindly as possible* “Oh, uh, no. There’s just a $10 difference, so you just have to add ten to the $1.43 on the screen.”

Cashier: *still amazed, but obviously still doesn’t get it* “Huh. Oh.”

(I’m not very good at doing math in my head either, so I don’t judge when that happens… But I’ve made the same mistake as a cashier, and it’s the most simple mistake to fix.)

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