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The Zombie Apocalypse Is A Hairy Situation

| Romantic | February 11, 2014

(I have rather long hair, and while I really like it, sometimes it just annoys me. Because of this, my boyfriend often suggests that I just cut it off if it bothers me so much. I always say no, and he always pouts. We have just finished watching ‘Land of the Dead.’)

Me: “Now, if the zombie apocalypse happened, the first thing I would do is cut my hair. There’d be no time to care for it, and nothing for the undead to grab.”

Boyfriend: “Yes! Finally, a situation where you will cut your hair because it’s too annoying to handle!”

Me: *rolls eyes* “Yes, sweetie. All you need to do is start a zombie apocalypse, and you’ll get your way.”

Boyfriend: “Well…”

Me: “No! You are not starting a zombie apocalypse just so you can get me to cut my hair!”

Boyfriend: “Aww…”

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