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The Wrongest Reply To The Wrong Number

| Friendly | August 30, 2016

(My mom is trying to get hold of me, but accidentally dials the wrong number. She is surprised when an unfamiliar man answers, but asks for me anyway because she thinks it might be a friend of mine answering my phone.)

Mom: “Hello, is [My Name] there?”

Horrible Man: “[My Name]?”

Mom: “Yes.”

Horrible Man: “Oh, didn’t you hear? [My Name] died!”

Mom: *horrified* “What?!”

Horrible Man: *laughing* “Figure it out, b****.” *hangs up*

(My mom immediately hung up the phone and tried my number again. Unfortunately, I was painting my house and didn’t hear my phone ringing. Panicking, she finally got hold of my very confused boyfriend who was able to pass the phone off to me. Some people are really sick. Seriously, Horrible Man… “You have the wrong number” would have worked just fine. I hope you step on a Lego barefoot every day for the rest of your life.)

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