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The Wrong Situation To Play The Race Card

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Queen_Mess99 | December 1, 2020

My older sister has worked for this banking company for over ten years and has told me a lot of entitled people stories.

This man of African origin comes into the bank and asks my sister to withdraw £1,000 from his account, as he forgot the PIN to the card. My sister asks for the card and pulls up the info on her screen. Without even asking for the gentleman’s ID, she knows something is wrong.

Sister: “Umm, sir…”

Guy: “Yeah?”

Sister: “This isn’t your account.”

Guy: “Yeah, it’s my girlfriend’s account.”

Sister: “Sir, you do realise that I can’t withdraw money out of this account without your girlfriend’s authorisation, right?”

Guy: “I understand that, but my girlfriend just had a C-section and can’t come in; she is bedridden. We need to pay our bills and our other expenses, so she asked me to come in to withdraw the money.”

Sister: “I’m sorry to hear that, but for security reasons, I am not allowed to give you any money without your girlfriend completing security.”

Guy: “Ugh! Fine!”

The guy storms out and my sister thinks that is the end of it. NOPE! He comes in a few hours later with his girlfriend and their baby. This baby is not a newborn; the baby is around nine months old.

Ah, s***, here we go again!

This guy goes straight to my sister.

Guy: “See? I wasn’t lying.”

My sister internally rolls her eyes and asks the girlfriend for her photo ID and to type her PIN into the reader. The ID matches the account — and the girlfriend — but not the PIN.

Sister: “Excuse me, madam, your PIN is wrong. Can you try again, please?”

Girlfriend: “Umm, it looks like I forgot my PIN. We kind of need the money today. Is there a way to get the money without the PIN just for today?”

Sister: “I’m sorry, madam, but the best we can do for you today is that we can withdraw £300 without the PIN and request a new PIN. It will take three working days for it to come to you.”

Girlfriend: “Oh, really, then—”

The entitled p***k cuts his girlfriend off.

Guy: “No, that’s not good enough! I told you before. We need £1000, today!

Sister: “Sir, please calm down. I—”

Guy: “Who are you talking to?!”

My sister does not give two s***s at this point.

Sister: “I’m talking to you, sir.”

Guy:How dare you?! I will report this to head office! What is your name?!”

Sister: “My name is on my badge, sir.”

Guy: “What’s your last name?”

My sister just got married around this time, so she is in the process of legally changing her last name. So, she thinks it would be funny to say:

Sister: “I don’t have one, sir.”

Guy: “What do you mean, you don’t have one?!”

Sister: “As I told you before sir, I don’t have one. But, even if I did, legally, I have the right not to give it to you. If you tell the head office my first name; they will know who you are talking about.”

My sister has a unique name.

By now, the bank has a big queue to the door; only my sister and one other member of staff are working at the front desk. A lot of the customers are very irritated by this man and his nonsense, and some people are telling him to hurry up. He just waves his hand at them, which is clearly code for “piss off.”

My sister turns back to the girlfriend.

Sister: “Would you like the £300 or not, madam? I am sorry to rush you, but we do have a queue.”

Girlfriend: “Yes, I’m sorry, I would—”

The jerk interrupts again.

Guy: “You don’t want to give us the money because you’re racist!


The whole bank is quiet for a good fifteen seconds. My sister and her coworker give each other the “Are you f****** serious?” look. All the black customers are shocked and are ashamed of what the man said. Another customer — a white woman — speaks up.

Customer: “Wait. I’m confused. Is she not black, as well?”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my sister is black herself; she is light-skinned and has been mistaken for biracial many times. My sister and her coworker burst into laughter.

Coworker: “Wow! So, [Sister], maybe this gentleman should report you to the head office for being racist to your own race!”

My sister laughs harder.

Guy: “What’s so funny?! I’m going to report you!”

Sister: “Go ahead, sir. I dare you. I would love to hear what they have to say. But just to let you know, we have CCTV footage of you causing a disruption, so you will be banned from this branch.”

There is a no-nonsense policy in my sister’s bank.

Guy: “You can’t do that!”

Sister: “Yes, I can, sir. So please leave the premise or I’ll call the police.”

The p***k stormed out, and his girlfriend apologised to my sister and ran after him. My sister and her coworker joked about it for the rest of the day.

A few weeks later, my sister got a call from the head office to ask her what had happened. The t**t had actually called up head office. My sister told them the story and said she had witnesses to the story; management found it funny, as well, and told her not to worry about.

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