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The Wrong Kind Of Same-Day Service

| Working | December 16, 2013

(My mother, sister and I go to a Churrascaria restaurant to celebrate a special occasion. These restaurants are basically buffets where waiters periodically come to your table to offer you different cuts of meat, which are skewered on a sword. We eat until we can’t fit any more food inside. We receive a couple of coupons with the cheque.)

Mom: “What are those for?”

Sister: “It’s 50 percent for a person’s entrance.”

Me: “Oh, that’s pretty cool. Let’s come again sometime, then. When do they expire?”

(We notice then that today is the very last day they are valid. My mom is confused and calls a waiter.)

Waiter: “Yes?”

Mom: “We got these coupons.”

Waiter: “Oh. Those are only valid after 6 pm.”

Mom: “Yes, I know. But, is this really the last day we can use them?”

Waiter: “Yes.”

Mom: “So… Why give us coupons that expire tomorrow?”

Waiter: “You can use them here again, today.”

(We’re all so full that the thought of more food makes us groan. We obviously don’t use the coupons. We also got a form to evaluate the experience. We honestly rated the food and service as really good. We also made sure to point out that they should stop giving coupons that only work the same day you already ate there!)

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