The Wrong Kind Of Explorer

| Right | July 14, 2017

(My coworker and I are having a bad day after receiving lots of hard tasks. We get a call from a customer complaining about something wrong with his computer, so we tell him go to our office.)

Customer: “Hi, I talked with you on the phone about my Skype and Chrome not working and disappearing.”

Me: “Oh, yeah, let’s take a look.”

(At this point I’m going through his hard drive and checking downloads.)

Me: “I can’t see anything wrong with your Skype but I can’t see any trace of Chrome here.”

(Our boss comes in to check and I tell him the problem.)

Boss: “Are you sure that you had Chrome on the computer?”

Customer: “Yes, I used it yesterday before it disappeared.”

(I go and check through other browsers he has on his computer until I get to Explorer.)

Customer: “There it is! How did you find it?”

(It turned out that he never had Google Chrome, but used Explorer to go to Google.)

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