The Wrong Food Is Because You’re In The Wrong

, , , | Right | April 2, 2020

(I am working at the counter right next to the door so when someone gets the wrong order in our drive-thru, they come straight to my register.)

Customer #1: “Hello. It looks like I got the wrong food.”

Me: “I’m terribly sorry about that! Do you happen to have your receipt? If not, I can look it up for you.”

Customer #1: “I have my receipt here. And this is the food I got. None of it is mine.”

Me: “Again, ma’am, I’m very sorry. Let me get this replaced for you.”

(As I relay the order to the grill, another customer stomps through the door.)

Customer #2: “You gave me the wrong food again! I swear this happens every time I come here!”

Me: “I’m so sorry we got your order mixed up. Do you have your receipt with you, sir?”

Customer #2: “You know I don’t.”

Me: “Okay. It will be just a moment while I look up your receipt so we can get your food replaced.” *looks it up* “Okay, I found your receipt! I’ll just get this to the grill and your food will be up in a moment.”

Customer #2: “Just hurry up! I came through the drive-thru because it’s supposed to be fast! Now I’m wasting my time here when I have places I need to be!”

(As he is ranting, the first customer’s food comes up. When I try to hand it to her, the second customer snatches it from my hands.)

Customer #2: “It’s about time!”

Me: “Sir! I’m afraid that’s not your order. It’s this lady’s order. She was ahead of you.”

(He throws the food back on the counter as the lady steps up to take it. She clears her throat and speaks very loudly to me while staring at the second customer.)

Customer #1: “Thank you for being so polite and fixing my order, miss. I know it was no fault of yours that I was accidentally given the wrong food. I’m sure I will have a fantastic day now, so I hope you do, too!”

(She leaves and the second customer remains quiet until his food comes up.)

Me: “Sorry for the wait, sir. Have a good day!”

Customer #2: “Thanks… You, too…”

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