The Writing Tutorial Is On The Wall

| Learning | December 17, 2013

(My school holds writing tutorials in a very large room. People are often doing different things depending on where they’re sitting. My friend and I sit down for the writing tutorial where they’re normally held. Teacher #1 is there. She knows me very well.)

Teacher #1: “Okay, so we have [Student #1], [Student #2], [Student #3], and… Oh, [My Name]! Good to see you.”

(I smile politely, although I think it’s a bit strange that she greeted us individually.)

Teacher #1: “As you know, we welcome all students, whether or not they’ve worked on yearbooks before…”

(My friend and I exchange glances and realise we’re in the wrong place. We stay there awkwardly for a few moments, not wanting to interrupt the teacher.)

Teacher #2: *across the room* “Everyone who’s here for the writing tutorial, it’s over here.”

(My friend and I get up to leave.)

Teacher #1: “[My Name], you’re not joining yearbook club?”
Me: “Uh… No. Sorry?”

Teacher #1: “Noooooo! I had such high hopes!”

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