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The Worst Kind Of Freeballing

, , , , | Right | November 21, 2020

I work in the games department at an amusement park. My “area” is the children’s area. I am working the basketball game and I am doing callouts to various guests. I decide to call out to a boy that looks about ten or eleven. The boy has, who I assume to be, an older sister with him.

Me: “You there, with the red and black NBA shirt. You look like you would like to give my game here a shot!”

The boy looks at me for a moment before shrugging and walking over.

Boy: “Can I get a free shot?”

This is a common question.

Me: “No, but if you have two dollars on your game card, you can get one ball. If you have five, three balls you can shoot. Ten bucks will get you seven.”

The boy looks down at his game card while one of my coworkers enters the game to help me run it while we wait for our third to come back from storage with our supervisor.

Boy: “There’s no way I can get a free ball?”

Me: “Sorry, but no.”

Boy: “B****.”

After this, the boy turns and walks away. My coworker walks over and asks what’s wrong as she was able to hear what I was saying, but not what the boy was saying.

Coworker: “You good?”

Me: “I just got called a b**** for the third time today.”

Coworker: “That has to be a record.”

Later, when my supervisor is walking with me back to the office, she asks me about what happened earlier. I guess my coworker told her. We see the boy and I point him out to her. He proceeds to run to his group, which consists of two more females besides the one I originally saw him with.

Supervisor: “If you ever see that kid again and I’m working, call me. That same kid called [Coworker] and [Area Manager] b****es, as well.”

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