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The World’s Oldest Profession Doesn’t Change

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(My friend and I are in the midst of a road trip and have pulled into a gas station. While I refuel the car, my friend goes inside to get us some drinks. There’s a woman in an extremely low-cut top hanging around by the door, and I can hear enough of what she’s calling to the people going by that I have a pretty good idea of what she’s doing. As my friend goes inside, he pauses and says something to her. Eventually, we all get back in the car.)

Me: “What’d you say to that woman?”

Friend: “Who?”

Me: “Over there by the door. I saw you talking to her.”

Friend: “Oh, it’s nothing. I just told her I didn’t have any change.”

Me: “Dude, she’s not begging. She’s a prostitute. She was propositioning you.”

Friend: “Wait, what?! I wasn’t listening! I just assumed she was asking for money!”

Me: “Well, technically, she was! She doesn’t do it for free!”

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