The World’s First Truly Funny Panto

| Learning | July 29, 2013

(It is probably the last class of this lecture before Christmas. Apart from the lecturer, no one wants to be there, but we were told to come so it’s rather full. Everyone is talking and chatting and generally not bothered which is getting the lecturer a bit riled up. I however am quiet, as I am rather exhausted from packing.)

Lecturer: “Can everyone quiet down please?”

(It does so quickly, but not immediately.)

Lecturer: “That’s better! Its not bloody pantomime, is it?”

Me: “Ooooh yes it is!”

(The majority of the class laughs.)

Lecturer: “That’s not funny; let’s start. Right, where are my notes?”

(As the lecturer has set up a perfect follow up, I can’t resist.)

Me. “There behind yoooooou.”

(Now everyone is in on the joke.)

Lecturer: “That’s not even funny!”

Me: “Technically it is; most of the class laughed, and you set up the most perfect gag and follow up you could do in December. And as for funny, most comedy derives from the misfortune of another and this time it’s yours. Comedic value isn’t determined by the victim or the joke teller, but by its audience. I think if you ask them, it’s pretty d*** funny.”

Lecturer: “You know what, f*** it. I don’t get paid enough for this.”

(The lecturer grabs his stuff and leaves.)

Me: “So… pub?”

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