The World Is Too Small After All

| Related | January 7, 2014

(My father works with large machinery, such as construction and theme park motors. When he first started working one of his first jobs was at Disney World, in Orlando. The ride ‘It’s a Small World After All!’ was broken. To fix it, he had to sit in the log boats, and go through the entire ride, with the song playing in all its languages, making notes of what was wrong and pointing it out to the theme park employees. He endured this for a whole six hours. Several years later, I come home from another day in fourth grade.)

Me: “Hey! Listen to this new song I learned! It’s a small world after all—”

Dad: “STOP THAT THIS INSTANT! That song is banned from this house, and whoever sings it will be grounded for life and never eat Daddy’s Special Saturday pancakes ever again!”

(We’ve been to Disney World several times over the years. Each time, he refuses to go within ten feet of the ride, and if he hears the song, starts looking for the nearest beer stand!)

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