The Windshield Is Not As Cracked As The Driver

, , , | Right | March 18, 2020

(I work in a well-known lube shop. We also do state inspections. If at any time a customer’s wait is too long, we offer a discount when they pay and offer a future discount, as well. It’s getting close to closing time so I am counting the till to go home. As I am in the office, a vehicle pulls up:)

Customer: “I want a state inspection.”

(My coworkers start the inspection because even though it’s four minutes to close, we do them up until closing time. All is going well, but then I have a tech walk in.)

Tech: “The customer is telling us to give him an inspection while his windshield is cracked more than is allowed. He said the manager told him ‘we got you when you come in.’”

(As I am one of the managers, I go out to try and talk to the guest about going against state rules and regulations. Keep in mind that we are able to give a rejection sticker that makes the car legal for thirty days. As soon as I get out there, I recognize the guest as one that waited too long a few weeks ago.)

Customer: *irritated* “My windshield will cost too much; just put the sticker on because you owe me.”

(I inform him of state regulations and even measure the crack to show him it’s beyond the allowed length.)

Customer: “But you owe me!”

Me: “While, yes, I do owe you a discount, I cannot break state law, risk losing my driver’s license, risk losing my location’s ability to perform state inspections, and risk accruing a $5000 fine.”

Customer: *very mad* “I will never be back! Get ready, because corporate is going to have you and your crew fired over this!”

(My boss and my boss’s boss laughed when I told them about this, and my coworker had to go out to get the signs off the curb when they were pulling out. They had a camera and flipped off my employee while trying to get a reaction. He just waved and said, “Have a wonderful evening.” Just because a company owes you, it doesn’t mean you can ask them to break the law. I just hope he didn’t get a ticket on the way home. I would love to have been a fly on the wall if he did as he complained to the cop.)

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