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The Wild Wild East

| Working | June 23, 2012

(I have just come back from a vacation to the Grand Canyon. I got turquoise jewelry from a roadside stand while there. My boss sees me pass.)

Boss: “I love your necklace!”

Me: “Thanks! I got it in Arizona from a Navajo stand.”

Boss: “It’s really unique.”

(I notice my boss is wearing a turquoise necklace herself.)

Me: “It looks something like yours.”

Boss: “Yes! Well, you know, ever since I’ve moved out west…” *lowers her voice* “…I’ve started dressing Bohemian.”

(Note: she wears hot pink, royal blue, teal and leopard print on EVERYTHING.)

Me: “Oh, yeah?”

Boss: “You know, Bohemian…cowboy and sexy!”

Me: “I…never thought of it that way.”

Boss: “Because you know, it’s Western. It’s where that all started!”

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