The Wicked Witch Of The (Employee) Vest

| Working | January 23, 2013

(My friend enters a well-known store that sells greeting cards and collectibles. He’s a Wizard of Oz fan and about fifteen years old.)

My Friend: “Do you have any new Oz stuff?”

Employee: “Yes, it’s over this way.”

(She shows him the shelf where the new merchandise is displayed.)

My Friend: “Tha—”

Employee: “So, who is this for? Your sister?”

My Friend: “No, it’s for me. I collect Wizard of Oz stuff. It’s always been a hobby of mine and I really love the movie.”

Employee: *laughs*

My Friend: “What’s so funny?”

Employee: “You’re a boy and you collect Oz?”

My Friend: “Yes, I love collecting and there is nothing wrong with a boy collecting Oz.”

(The employee walks away, rolling her eyes as my friend makes his selection. He goes to check out, the same employee is at the register.)

Employee: *rudely* “Is that all, or do you want more Oz stuff?”

My Friend: “You know, you’re really being rude.”

Employee: *rings him up* “Please don’t come back to this store.”

(My friend is in awe at this. He later reports the incident to management; the employee denied it, but thankfully the manager believed him.)

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