The Wheel Of Crazy Just Keeps Turning

| Friendly | January 7, 2016

(I’m sitting with two of my friends at lunch. Friend #1 uses a wheelchair, and likes to make jokes about it. Friend #2 tends to seem violent but most likely wouldn’t hurt a fly. After discussing a time that I once got Friend #2 into trouble by telling her about a popular Internet prank, this conversation ensues:)

Friend #1: *to Friend #2 and me* “I swear, you two are crazy sometimes!”

Me: “Don’t worry. If she kills anyone, I won’t be her alibi. I’m too honest to be a good one anyway!”

Friend #2: *to Friend #1* “You could make a good alibi!”

Me: *without thinking, pretending to be Friend #1* “I definitely wasn’t at the crime scene, Your Honor. There were stairs!”

(Everyone within earshot burst out laughing, even Friend #1, though he did throw a disappointed glare in my direction for a few seconds!)

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