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The Warranty Is Taking A Commercial Break

, , , , | Working | May 10, 2019

(It’s 2018. I am on the phone with the warranty company for some parts I had replaced on my truck. Last October, I had a starter module replaced, and the replacement part was faulty, causing my truck to die on the interstate.)

Me: “Hello. I am calling about a warranty on the starter module. It failed. What info do you need me to send you to get my refund?”

Company Rep: “We will need the original receipt, the receipt for the replacement, and your address and contact info. Please email this to [address].”

(I do so.)

Me: “So, when will I receive my refund?”

Company Rep: “About three to four weeks after we process the request.”

(Three weeks pass and I receive a letter in the mail. The letter, in short, states:)

Letter: “Due to your vehicle being a commercial vehicle, we will not be honoring the warranty on the starter module.”

(Of course, I contact the warranty company, enraged by their claim.)

Me: “What makes you think my truck is a commercial vehicle?”

Company Rep: “Ma’am, the address on the two receipts do not match.”

Me: “Yes, they don’t match because I used my father’s mechanic and he accidentally put my dad’s address on my receipt. I can get that fixed and resubmit the receipt.”

(My dad and I still have the same last name.)

Company Rep: “We will not accept the receipt as it will be a forged document.”

Me: “Get me your manager.”

Company Rep: “My manager is in a very important meeting and cannot be disturbed.”

Me: *absolutely ready to lose it*

Company Rep: “He will call you back.”

Me: “I do not believe you.”

(I contact the original mechanic that did the work. He is confused as to why they would deny the claim under “commercial vehicle,” as that is not a disqualifying factor on the warranty. He puts me in contact with their company’s direct representative for the warranty company.)

Mech Rep: “Hello. I was informed your warranty claim was denied. Can you tell me what the letter said?”

Me: *reads letter*

Mech Rep: “That doesn’t make any sense; there is no commercial vehicle clause in the warranty.”

Me: “I know, but do you know why it’s really stupid?”

Mech Rep: “No.”

Me: “My truck is an ‘89 Silverado, making it almost thirty years old. Nobody in their right mind would use a classic as a commercial vehicle. Also, the warranty company never called me back, and it’s been a month.”

Mech Rep: “I will take care of this.”

(Two weeks later, I received a check for the full amount.)

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