The Walking Dead: The Next Generation

| Related | November 4, 2013

(My mother and I are eating dinner at my sister’s house. She has two daughters: one that is three, and the other is two. They have finished eating, and after putting their plates in the kitchen, have hidden under the table where we are sitting.)

Mom: “So honey, when are you getting you next tattoo—AH!”

Me: “What the—”

Mom: “Who bit me?!”

Two-Year-Old Niece: “Brraaaainnnsss!”

Sister: “Oh yeah… they like to play ‘zombies.’ I have no idea where they learned this.”

Me: “That is hilarious—AH!”


(This goes on for the next ten minutes. They’ll bite our knees, and we’d break down in laughter. The zombies eventually got tired and went to bed, but I have never been so proud of my nieces!)

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