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The Vice Principal’s A Bit Slow-Pokey

| Learning | June 22, 2013

(Our science teacher has left early, and our vice principal is in charge of our class. Our teacher has left a science video for us to watch. The vice principal is trying to figure out how to use the VCR.)

Student: “Make sure the TV is on channel three.”

Vice Principal: *irritated* “I KNOW what I’m doing! Here we go…”

(The TV is actually turned to PBS, so we can see the current show airing, not the educational video we’re supposed to be watching.)

Student: “But that’s—”

Vice Principal: “Be quiet! Just sit down and watch!”

(For the next 40 minutes, our sophomore science class obediently watches Gumby, while the vice principal just looks extremely puzzzled. Finally just before the bell rings…)

Vice Principal: “I’m… not sure that’s what your teacher wanted you to see.”

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