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The Vacuum Has A Long Range

| Working | February 12, 2017

(My father and I are on holiday visiting family. We stop into a home department store to pick up a few items to fix up my grandparents’ back garden. Two salesmen are at the front of the store trying to promote sales of a new (very expensive) vacuum cleaner, by signing people up for a free trial and carpet clean in their home.)

Salesman: *approaching my father* “Good morning, sir! Are you interested in a free carpet cleaning?”

Father: “Nah, mate, I live a bit too far for you to come clean my carpet.”

Salesman: “Not at all! We have offices located all around the country; we can come to you anywhere!”

Father: “No, really, I live far too out the way for you to bring your vacuum.”

(They continue for ages to insist that no matter where we live, they will be able to bring this vacuum over to trial it. They don’t take no as an answer. Finally my father decides enough is enough.)

Father: “All right, fine! You can bring your vacuum over to clean my carpets.”

Salesman: “Great! I’ll just get your details down. Where is it you live?”

Father: *rattles off street address* “Yes… that’s in Auckland… in New Zealand.”

Salesman: “…maybe you do live a bit far.”

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