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The United States Of Africa

| Learning | September 25, 2014

(I’m a freshman student in a world history class, and the teacher in charge of it has a tendency to be a bit… unusual. Today we are discussing Africa.)

Teacher: “So, one of the issues when setting up government had to do with ethnic disparities among the African Americans being shoved together into the same state…”

(I raise my hand.)

Me: “Why are you calling them African Americans?”

Teacher: “Because we are discussing the darker skinned people living in Africa and that’s what you’re supposed to call them.”

Me: “But… they’re African.”

Teacher: “Yes, but you’re supposed to call them African American.”

Me: “But they aren’t American.”

Teacher: “Yes, but that’s the politically correct term. So, as I was saying, white Africans had difficulty understanding the ethnic border lines as a result of not being from the continent…”

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