The Unfantastic Mr. Fox

| United Kingdom | Right | May 26, 2010

(A man comes up to me with a huge bag.)

Customer: “Can I ask an odd question?”

Me: “Go for it.”

Customer: “Would it be okay for me to put my fox costume on and stand in the foyer?”

Me: “Why?”

Customer: “Just for pleasure. I enjoy doing it and the customers would enjoy seeing it.”

Me: “I’ll just check with my manager.”

(I phone the manager and repeat the request. The manager laughs for a few minutes and says no.)

Me: “I’m afraid my manager has said it’s not okay.”

Customer: *looks down sadly* “It’s okay. They said no everywhere else I asked too.” *walks away sadly, dragging the bag with his fox costume in*

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  • Zorua

    Ok, I’m a furry with a suit and even I find this a bit odd. Have you tried the park, dude? Beach? If you want to try it in a business, don’t you think it’d be smart to call them first?

    • Christina Veronica Larsson

      Probably would be good to clear it with people, although…

      When Disney released the animated Beauty & the Beast in 3D, I went on day one in a Belle costume and stood outside the theater and parents took pictures of me with their children. I didn’t charge, I just did it because I thought kids would like it, and they did. I didn’t clear it with theater staff and no one said anything.