The Undeath Virus Is Spreading   

| Friendly | March 6, 2017

(I’m on the phone with my friend, and while we’re discussing random things, this website comes up.)

Me: “Well, we have to do one thing.”

Friend: “What’s that?”

Me: “Well, there’s a very important question I have to ask you if we were to ever date. If I were to be bitten by a zombie, what would you d—”

Friend: “Kill you.”

Me: “What? You wouldn’t even think of the possibility of keeping me as a pet, like from that one TV show?”

Friend: “Nope. It’s highly irresponsible. No matter what form of zombie-ism is the cause, it’s irresponsible, since it’s possible that it’s a blood borne disease or something magical in nature. So I’d kill you.”

Me: “Well, at least I can be thankful that you’d kill me quickly. Personally, I’d debate on keeping you as a pet.”

Friend: “You wouldn’t have the chance. As soon as I’m bitten, I’d kill myself, or take a grenade, run into the middle of the horde, and take a bunch of them with me.”

Me: “You’re so romantic.”

Friend: “Yes. Yes, I am.”


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