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The UK Is OK

| Friendly | March 6, 2015

(I’m on holiday with my girlfriend. We are currently doing some gift shopping for family back home and talking about who might like what, when a girl who is about seven comes up to us.)

Girl: “Why do you talk funny? Are you from the west coast or something?”

Me: “Um…”

Girlfriend: “We’re a bit further away than that. We come from England.”

Girl: “Is that in Canada?”

Girlfriend: “A little further.”

Girl: “Mexico?”

Girlfriend: “Even further.”

Girl: *with amazement* “You’re from space?! MUMMY! I found aliens!”

Mother: “Sorry about her; she’s so curious.”

Girlfriend: “That’s okay. Will be a good story when we get home!”

(We then talked for an hour and got a little tour round the area, with the girl telling everyone she knew that we were aliens.)

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