The Ugly Face Of Technology

| Related | January 26, 2016

(My brother plays this game called “the ugly baby game,” where he goes through pictures of babies in magazines at the doctor’s office waiting room and points out babies he finds ugly. Today, all of the magazines are taken so he is looking at pictures on my mom’s phone.)

Brother: “Oh, that one’s ugly! Ooh, how hideous!”

Me: “Where did you get the photos from?” *my brother is an idiot when it comes to technology*

Brother: “I just asked Mom to Google ‘babies’ and I took the phone.”

Me: “You’re not on Google though; you’re looking at Mom’s texts with Grandma.”

Mom: “Oh, yeah, she just sent me a bunch of photos of you, [Brother], when you were a baby!”

Brother: *not realizing he spent the past five minutes looking at photos of himself and calling them ugly* “You can send photos to a phone through a computer?!”

(Apparently he doesn’t know what iMessage is.)

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