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The Ugliest Person In The Room

| Learning | September 23, 2013

(I work out at my college’s student recreation center, which has a VERY strict sexual harassment policy. One complaint against you and you are banned for a year with no exceptions. There is one female student who works out there and has made about a dozen claims against male students; all of them have claimed they only talked to her. I have just been assigned to a group project working with her.)

Female Student: “Hey I recognize you. You work out at the rec-center don’t you?”

Me: “Ya I do. I’ve seen you there a few times.”

Female Student: “Well, why haven’t you ever come say hello?”

Me: “Well to be perfectly frank, most guys there are kinda afraid; they don’t want to get banned.”

Female Student: “Oh please, I only ban the ugly ones. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

Me: “Wait, did you just say you get people banned on purpose? Like they don’t actually harass you and you still report them?”

Female Student: “Well, I mean just the out of shape ones. I don’t go to the gym to look at fatties.”

Me: “You don’t feel bad at all about what you are doing? You do realize that you are getting people banned for a year and that having a report on you for sexual harassment kind of hurts with the job hunt?”

Female Student: “Not my problem that they look gross.”

Me: “… I think I’m going to go ask for a new group.”

(The professor overheard our conversation and spoke to the rec-center manager. The people that already had bans kept them, but all future complaints by her were more thoroughly investigated. She was caught trying to get a guy banned who had never been even talked to her, and she lost her gym access herself.)

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